Personal Injury

It is hard enough dealing with an injury, physical or psychological, as a result of work or a car accident.  You don’t want the headache of sifting through legal jargon you don’t understand.  The legal process can be a frightening experience for a lot of people.

In our experience the process can make you go crazy and we have seen first hand what it can do to people.  There may be things you are entitled to but don’t bother to pursue because it feels too hard.

There are a number of questions circling in your mind.

  • How much will a lawyer cost?
  • Is it worth getting one if I can do it on my own?
  • What am I entitled to?
  • Am I getting everything from the insurer that I should?

When you’re injured you are dealing with the effects of that injury on yourself, your family, even your income.  It can be a very difficult time.

  • You want someone who will listen to you and explain the legal jargon in plain English that you understand
  • You want to know what your rights are
  • You want to know what are you entitled to
  • You want honest advice, even if it may not be what you want to hear
  • You want someone who will work hard for you and be up front about costs
  • You want to work with someone you trust

If you are looking for answers to all of the above and want a lawyer who will listen to you, keep you updated and informed on your claim and who practices with integrity in a professional yet relaxed way then give us a call.


You won’t need to sell your house or your valuables to access a professional and experienced lawyer. Each case is different and some things like Wills will have fixed costs whilst other matters relating to workers compensation and personal injuries will incur ongoing fees as the matter progresses.

It is our job to advise you of how we charge and what you can expect to pay. We will also provide you with updated costs as the matter progresses so you know where you stand.

Depending on the claim, the insurers will contribute to some of your costs and again you will know when the matter is settled what you are likely to receive.

If you want someone who does the work required on your file and does not charge the earth to do so then give us a call.

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